When to see an IBCLC?


When to see a lactation consultant (IBCLC)?

  1. Prenatal consultation to receive information and discuss concerns about breastfeeding
  2. Sore nipples or pain during breastfeeding
  3. Low milk production
  4. Sleepy baby
  5. Baby that won’t latch onto the breast
  6. Baby has weight gain issues
  7. Infant with a tongue tie
  8. Infant with cleft palate/lip
  9. Over active let-down/over-supply
  10. Mastitis/blocked ducts
  11. Previous breast surgery or trauma
  12. Breastfeeding multiples
  13. Adoptive breastfeeding
  14. Pumping or use of breastfeeding aids such as nipple shields
  15. Re-lactation
  16. Returning to work or school

It’s possible to get everything back on track with the right help and support.

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