General Breastfeeding Information

La Leche League     –  excellent breastfeeding information and can find a local support group – detailed information on wide variety of breastfeeding topics

Dr. Jack Newman – info helpful researched information on breastfeeding, Dr. Newman is considered an expert on breastfeeding

Dr. Jack Newman – video  variety of breastfeeding videos Mother’s One-Stop Breastfeeding Resource  Ameda Breastfeeding Resource Info  Medela Breastfeeding Resource Information

Common Sense Breastfeeding –  general breastfeeding information

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths – Facebook group that discusses rumors about breast milk, breastfeeding and formula

Nursing Freedom – blog that discusses breastfeeding

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has breastfeeding study results and the latest releases

Low Milk Supply – assistance with identifying and assisting with low milk supply

International Lactation Consultant Association – breastfeeding information and where to find a certified lactation consultant

Dr. Jay Gordon –  information for first-time mothers, featuring personal stories

Mothering Magazine – online magazine includes forums dedicated to natural birth, full-term breastfeeding and parenting

MOBI Motherhood International – Mothers Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues – Facebook group for breastfeeding moms

Mocha Milk – Blog aimed at African-America, bi-racial and other minority nursing moms

Work and Pump – for pumping moms, including those who work and pump

Dr. Hale, Texas Tech – a scientific approach to breastfeeding questions, drug and vaccine interactions, current studies, breastfeeding news – breastfeeding information, stories and videos

Sixty Second Parent Breastfeeding – quick posts and videos regarding breastfeeding, parenting tips


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