Lactation Consultation expectations

What to expect at a consultation

  1. Intake form will give me some information on you and your baby. Please fill it out as accurately as you can and return it to me before we meet.
  2. We will be meeting for about 90 minutes.
  3. Follow up visits are about 60 minutes.
  4. During our visit, I will be checking intake weights to assess how much your baby transfers at the breast. The baby will be weighed repeatedly in just a diaper, so please do not dress baby in anything complicated or difficult to get on and off.
  5. You will be breastfeeding, so wear something that allows baby access to breasts.
  6. Please have available:
    • ANYTHING you are using to feed your baby – ie: nipple shields, tubing, syringes, bottles, etc.
    • Your pump if you would like me to check for fit and comfort
    • Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  7. My current fees are as follows:
    • Home Visit $100.  Followup $75.     Travel beyond 30 mile radius may incur additional fees.
    • There is no charge for follow up phone calls, emails, or texts
  8. At the end of our visit, you will be given a Code Diagnosis sheet with all codes required by your insurance company.  You will also have a prescription for referral to lactation consultant as well as for a medical grade pump or scale.  Please have this signed by your pediatrician so that you can submit it to your insurance company.  You will pay for your visit and then submit to insurance company for reimbursement.  Before the day is over, I will have filed a report of our visit with your appropriate physicians by fax and with you by email.  Please be sure and acknowledge receipt of this report from me.
  9. Check the info sheets I have given you and report I have sent for most of what we have discussed.

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